Show Slow now automatically monitors your URLs!

I’ve been dreaming about this for a while now and then Aaron and I were working on different parts of the system which allowed that to happen and now it’s possible!

Please welcome automated YSlow and Page Speed monitoring using Show Slow!

Now all you need to do is to register an account and enter your URL and the rest will be taken care of. Show Slow will fire YSlow and Page Speed at your site and collect statistics on a daily basis so you can just sit back and enjoy the graphs!

You can see the results on Alexa Top 100 tab that I also added to showcase performance for most popular sites of the internet.

Due to limited resources, allows for only one URL per user account to be monitored, but I’m looking for ways to remove or at least increase this limit.

I hope you’ll enjoy the automation and please forward it to everyone around you!

2 thoughts on “Show Slow now automatically monitors your URLs!”

  1. LOVE the new tool. Thanks.

    It would also be way cool if there was a way to filter the results (asc & decs) for Yslow and Page Speed. Or if a different page just ranked the results highest to lowest. I know that’s asking alot, but I’d like to see my 91/99 graded site in a podium position for PageSpeed results!

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