Web Performance Full Time

I’ve been at truTV, formerly Court TV for 11½ years which by industry standards is pretty long run with any company. Well, I’ve worked with some great people and done quite a few interesting projects in-house and outside, especially in Web Performance space so I consider it a good and productive run.

Keynote SystemsAnyway, doesn’t matter how long something lasts, there will be a moment when it’s time for a change and now is that moment for me. I am leaving truTV/Turner to join Keynote Systems as consultant for their Insights team that helps company’s clients with Web Performance needs.

truTVNeedless to say, I’m proud of the team at truTV Web Services that has a grasp of their tech, can both innovate and know when to stick to proven solutions and more importantly, is a bunch of great and passionate people! I’m positive they will only be pushing the boundaries of what can be done by a small team within a large organization and be able to sustain rapid pace required by media industry!

As you can imagine joining Web Performance-centric team is an important step for me personally and a chance to do what we do at NY WebPerf meetup – speeding up the web, but now on a full time basis. Obviously, I will continue to run New York meetup, help other organizers around the globe and promote Web Performance with talks, blog posts and every other possible way, and now with help of Keynote, I will dedicate more time to this public work.

There is no better time to rid the web of slowness!

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