From time to time, I give talks on various web-related topics like Web Performance.

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'19 Jan 24
'18 Dec 5
UX Capture Library Show & Tell at Open Source NYC
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If you'd like to invite me to speak at your event, please send me a note. You can grab my speaker bio and photos here.

Google Developer Expert

Google Developer Expert, Web Technologies 2024 badge

I am a Google Developer Expert in Web Technologies in the New York Metro area.

The Google Developer Experts program is a global network of highly experienced technology experts, influencers, and thought leaders who have expertise in Google technologies, are active leaders in the space, natural mentors, and contribute to the wider developer and startup ecosystem.

How Do You Say Your Name?

People often ask how to pronounce my name in English context and I can't blame you - it's tough to do as it originally has plenty of Russian-specific letters and sounds (don't get me wrong, I had to correct several of Russian documents to fix the misspellings too).

As a result, I created an English pronounciation which is hopefully not as hard. And I use it myself every day so don't feel bad about it.

New York Web Performance Group


I organize New York Web Performance Group - you can check meeting schedule over at

I also help other organizers and run organizer's mailing list, if you are already running a group or want to start one, let me know.

UX Speed Projects

I built a few web-performance (as in "UX speed") tools and projects over the years and they are open source:

ChernyGoods ChernyGoods on Twitch

Cherny Goods Co.

I like to create things out of leather. I stream the process on Twitch, and sometimes I sell them under the brand of Cherny Goods.

I also sell leather patterns for dice bags, rubik's cube cases and other fun things you might enjoy.

GUM, Moscow

360 Panoramas

I like making 360 panorama photos and videos.

My photos on Google Maps have around 70M views.

Git Terra Banner Git Terra Banner


GitTerra is a game for developers played by building software!

The game is in the very early stages of development with so many awesome features coming! Right now, you can already get a city generated based on your repository using a CI/CD pipelines on GitHub and GitLab.

Treasure Scanner

Treasure Scanner

Treasure Scanner is a barcode and QR code scanner that is fun to use.

Use Treasure Scanner as a regular bar code or QR code scanner, but earn points and find hidden treasures every time you scan.

Some codes are also special and have collectible items inside.

(the app is not in the app stores anymore and I don't know if I will ever have time to rewrite it)

Note To Self Note To Self in Apple App Store

Note To Self

Note to self helps you quickly send email to your own email address

If you ever sent email to yourself to track to-do item or save a note for archive along with your email, this is a tool for you.

woman in a binary age t-shirt man in a binary age t-shirt

Binary Age T-shirts

I like geeky t-shirts and created a design of my own.

It shows your age in binary format and is a great conversation starter for both types of people, who can read it and who can't.

You can enter your age and get a t-shirt printed through


HowDoable HowDoable is a project of mine that helps people keep track of important things by reusing their todo-lists. It also has some predefined tasks like organizing meetups, sharing links or creating events on Facebook, Tweeting, emailing, adding musical gigs on LastFM and so on - they speed up on-line tasks.

Open Source

My projects on GitHub including:

Semantic Web

My Blog

My blog is mostly outdated and doesn't have much new information. One day this will change for the better.

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