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Past talks and materials


'19 Jan 24


'18 Dec 5
UX Capture Library Show & Tell at Open Source NYC
ux speed


'17 Sep 12th
'17 Jun 8th
Quick intro into Tracking Page Speed at NYC React Meetup hosted by American Express
ux speed


'16 Sep 19th
Designing speed with progressive enhancement at a meetup co-hosted by O'Reilly Media & HPE and organized by Velocity NY team.
ux speed
'16 Jul 10th
'16 Jul 10th
Review of Web performance tools at WebPerf.camp 2016 at UN Headquarters
ux speed
'16 Jun 16th


'15 Nov 11th
'15 Oct 28th
Speed is Feature #1 at O'Reilly Velocity Webcast
ux speed
'15 Jan 15th


'14 Oct 9th
Lightning Fast / Responsive Images at The New York Web Standards Meetup Group
ux speed
'14 Aug 28th
Tools of the trade, second time I gave this talk at New York Web Performance Meetup since our first session in 2009
ux speed


'12 Aug 29th
Image Optimization at Web Performance Summit
ux speed
'12 Aug 22nd
Using OAuth at New York Startup API Meetup
'12 Jun 28th
Image Optimization Ignite talk at WebPerfDays, CA
ux speed
'12 Jan 27th


'11 Jun 14th
Performance Tools Workshop with Steve Souders, Patrick Meenan and Alois Reitbauer at O'Reilly Velocity Conference 2011
ux speed
'11 May 3rd
Introduction to Web Performance talk at IEEE Long Island.
ux speed
'11 Apr 14th


'10 Sep 1st
'10 May 12th
Web Performance Matters "water cooler" talk at Time Inc
ux speed
'10 Apr 22nd
Semantic Data in Web Pages - introduction to RDFa as part of Introduction to the Semantic Web @ New York Semantic Web Meetup
semantic web
'10 Mar 23rd
'10 Jan 20th
Google Page Speed - talk I give at joint meetup of NY Web Performance Meetup and NYC GTUG
ux speed


'09 Dec 10th
'09 Oct 21st
MediaWiki widgets - Introduction to MediaWiki Widgets and MediaWikiWidgets.org at New York MediaWiki Users Group (HTML slides)
'09 Sep 15th
'09 Aug 18th
JavaScript Performance - talk I give with Ning Zhou at NY Web Performance Meetup
ux speed
'09 Jun 16th
Web Performance for PHP developers - talk I give with Hans Zaunere and Gennady Feldman at NY Web Performance Meetup @ Etsy labs
ux speed
'09 May 12th
Tools of the trade - talk I give at the first NY Web Performance Meetup
ux speed
'09 Mar 19th
'09 Mar 5th
Web performance preview talk I gave at truTV
ux speed


'08 Nov 20th
Why RDFa - short intro to RDFa I prepared (but didn't have time to present) for New York Semantic Web Meetup (PowerPoint)
semantic web
'08 Mar 13th