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Sergey Chernyshev

New York, NY

October 21th, 2009

October '09 New York MediaWiki Users Group

Why Widgets?

Video: YouTube

Video: Google Video

Video: Yahoo! Video


Video: Vimeo

+ Daily Motion, Revver, sevenload,, Tangle, LiveVideo,

Maps: Google Maps

Maps: Google Street View

Social: Twitter

Social: LinkedIn

Social: TypePad Connect (comments)

Widget Engines: Google Gadgets

Widget Engines: WidgetBox

Which Widgets are available?

Using Widgets: Install Widgets Extension

Copy Widget:* page to your wiki

Creating your widget

<noinclude>Description goes here</noinclude>
<includeonly>Code goes here</includeonly>
<!--{ ... }-->

Creating your widget: Variables

Submit it to

Sites using Widgets

More info

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