ShowSlow 0.10.2 – minor install packages fixed

ShowSlow 0.10 had some minor issues with install packages – fixed now in v0.10.2.

If you had troubles installing 0.10, go ahead and download the latest package:

Installation instructions can be found in the wiki:

Kudos go to Johan Bleuzen for filing a bug about the install problems.
Please use issue tracker if you see some issues or missing functionality (patches are welcome too):

And, as always, you’re very welcome to write an email with questions or suggestions to our mailing list:

ShowSlow 0.9 with support for PageSpeed 1.9 beacons

Upcoming PageSpeed 1.9 has a few new rules implemented and ShowSlow needs to keep up.

Welcome ShowSlow 0.9 with updated beacon.

New rules displayed include:

Just follow upgrade instructions if you already have an instance running.

Or you can download code package and install it.

ShowSlow 0.8: now tracking WebPageTest reports

WebPageTest logo

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been using WebPageTest a lot lately – having a web-based app always available makes wonders!

Testing one page over and over again is quite common when working on optimization for a particular site so I’ve added WebPageTest form to a details page on ShowSlow long time ago.

This was useful, but not keeping track of your data was unusual for ShowSlow so last week I’ve changed the code a bit and now all WebPageTest requests are kept along with other ShowSlow data for the URL so you can come back to the test and look at it again over time.

If you pick a private test, it will not be tracked. You can change this behavior for your instance, you can set $keepPrivatePageTests = true; in your config.php file.

You can see the set of tests collected for

Get latest code from subversion or download the packages.