Good look on early stages

I spent some time yesterday on CSS/HTML for user’s feed and friends feed and came up with the good advice to software developers, especially web developers:

Do some design work as early as possiblefirst of all you’ll be able to show it to somebody and they will be able to judge it (nobody gets geeky ideas behind your product anyway) and second it’s great for your morale – design affects everybody and even someone who can see all details of your idea without even looking at the monitor (that’s you).

Now I need to CSS-size the rest of the pages.

Blogging about Million Dollar Fan Club

I’ve decided to start blogging about Million Dollar Home Page idea and my site dedicated to it – Million Dollar Fan Club.

Main idea of this site was to help everybody including myself to analize the phenomenal power of Alex Tew’s idea.

I’ve tried to create some tools that shown the progress and performance of the site and now when sales stage is over it’s quite interesting to look at those graphs.

Woo-hoo! Users can add feeds.

Users can add feeds now. First version is ready – it’s still under feedfriends domain (will need to create cross-domain session somehow) but works.

Users will need to wait until next feed fetching iteration for this feed for item to be regenerated – will need to move fetching and item linking into Feed class so we can call it from web interface to regenerate at once.

BTW, I updated Feed.Preprocessor so it’s even too smart – it has three levels of preprocessing configuration: global, per-user and per-user-per-feed. We’ll use global for now untill interface for more granular configuration is created. Maybe per-user will come sooner when In-feed.controls interface will be added.

Also Feed.Preprocessor has some simple code separation – it should be moved to separate classes so it can be completely extendable withut main code rewriting.

“zeta” version of Feed.Friends is ready

First (“zeta”) version of Feed.Friends is ready.

Users can:

    • subscribe
    • add other users to be their friends (eg. to be able to read feed entries they posted)
    • and post feed entries provided that: feed is served from Feed.Preprocessor (only selected feeds so far) and Feed.Preprocessor added Feed.Friends in-feed control to those feeds (default behavior right now and user’s can’t really disable it)

    Posts are immediately posted and user’s feed (http://<username> is updated. Friends feeds (http://<friendname> are updated by background process so there is a delay (about 5 minutes).

    P.S. I also set up this blog to post development progress info