“zeta” version of Feed.Friends is ready

First (“zeta”) version of Feed.Friends is ready.

Users can:

    • subscribe
    • add other users to be their friends (eg. to be able to read feed entries they posted)
    • and post feed entries provided that: feed is served from Feed.Preprocessor (only selected feeds so far) and Feed.Preprocessor added Feed.Friends in-feed control to those feeds (default behavior right now and user’s can’t really disable it)

    Posts are immediately posted and user’s feed (http://<username>.feedfriends.com/myfeed.xml) is updated. Friends feeds (http://<friendname>.feedfriends.com/friends.xml) are updated by background process so there is a delay (about 5 minutes).

    P.S. I also set up this blog to post development progress info

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