Google Calendar in-feed control

I’m subscribed to Apple’s movie trailers feed and I watch them from time to time because they are usually released way before the premiere and this allows me to keep track of good movies without being overwhelmed with information. But I was so frustrated with not being able to track which movies I want to watch so I decided to add “Add to Google Calendar” button to in-feed controls so now all feeds I’m subscribed to through Feed Friends will have this button as well as Feed Friends Toolbar.

Here’s the calendar of the movies I’m going to go to (will be updated as I’ll watch more trailers).

P.S. it’s been a while since I added code to Feed Friends.

Facebook app: Friends Explorer

I spent some time this weekend writing a new kind of application – Facebook application.

It’s quite interesting how they built their platform and they are probably first to do this kind of thing, at least among big players.

Anyway, come and take a looks at Friends Explorer application. Currently it shows birthday time-lines for your friends, but more features will follow (only if you’ll add it ;)).