Woo-hoo! Users can add feeds.

Users can add feeds now. First version is ready – it’s still under feedfriends domain (will need to create cross-domain session somehow) but works.

Users will need to wait until next feed fetching iteration for this feed for item to be regenerated – will need to move fetching and item linking into Feed class so we can call it from web interface to regenerate at once.

BTW, I updated Feed.Preprocessor so it’s even too smart – it has three levels of preprocessing configuration: global, per-user and per-user-per-feed. We’ll use global for now untill interface for more granular configuration is created. Maybe per-user will come sooner when In-feed.controls interface will be added.

Also Feed.Preprocessor has some simple code separation – it should be moved to separate classes so it can be completely extendable withut main code rewriting.

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