Google Page Speed talk at NYC-GTUG and Web Performance Group

NYC Google Technology Users Group
Last week I gave a talk at joint NYC-
and NY Web Performance Group event at Sun Microsystems offices!

It was very nice to see so many people interested in Google’s new performance initiative, I think many were excited and couldn’t wait to try speeding up their sites.

I posted my presentation to TechPresentations here:

and here’s direct link to the slides:

I’m trying to improve my presentation skills so please give me some feedback and rate my presentation on SpekerRate:

New York Web Performance Group Logo
A few major links from the presentation to get you started on Google Page Speed:

If you’re on Twitter and still not following me @sergeyche or the group @nywebperf, feel free to do so.

ShowSlow, Mozilla Cesium and new beacons from YSlow and Page Speed

In early July, Mozilla team released a new project similar to ShowSlow in it’s concept, it’s called Cesium – their goal is to help people monitor what’s going on with their performance.

Ryan Doherty who’s running the project and I agreed to join forces to the degree possible and started to work with YSlow on improving the beacon support there, we also followed up on a bug I filed with Google Page Speed project to implement the beacon and it looks like first version is coming up in v1.2 of Page Speed.

Ryan also created a page on Cesium wiki to document beacons and we’re working together on it to make sure we reflect the state of beacons there.

“Tools of the trade” meeting was a good start!

Meeting last night was a good start!

Thanks to everyone who attended, I hope you enjoyed it.

I think it was important to see that front-end performance is a very important topic among the community, but still there are some topics of traditional back-end performance/load-testing/scalability/reliability that a worth have some events dedicated to; maybe we’ll even have some joint event with some operations meetup for those.

Next time I’ll also try not to forget my camera so I can share photos with you, but feel free to take and post yours. Also, if you’re going to blog about the event, please send links to the mailing list or the message board (even if your post is not favorable ;)).

We already have two events scheduled in June and July, but feel free to send me your suggestions regarding the topics you’d like to discuss or present at the meetup!

Once again, thank you to Nicholas Tang and Interactive One for hosting us and I’ll see you on our next meetup at Etsy ( on June 16th.

New York Web Performance Meetup

After talking to Steve Souders about local events at Web2.0Expo in San Francisco, I realized that New York is missing Web Performance optimization event. I went ahead and saved 75% using discount code (Web2SF09 – graciously provided by Derek Odegard of Meetup team) and now you’re welcome to join New York Web Performance Workshop meetup.

Our first even is planned for May 12 and I’m looking for location at the moment, talking to a few companies I had preliminary OK from. In the first part of the event, we’re going to talk about current state of tools for web performance analysis and optimization and in the second part we’re going to look at the real-life sites and what can be done to improve their performance.