“Tools of the trade” meeting was a good start!

Meeting last night was a good start!

Thanks to everyone who attended, I hope you enjoyed it.

I think it was important to see that front-end performance is a very important topic among the community, but still there are some topics of traditional back-end performance/load-testing/scalability/reliability that a worth have some events dedicated to; maybe we’ll even have some joint event with some operations meetup for those.

Next time I’ll also try not to forget my camera so I can share photos with you, but feel free to take and post yours. Also, if you’re going to blog about the event, please send links to the mailing list or the message board (even if your post is not favorable ;)).

We already have two events scheduled in June and July, but feel free to send me your suggestions regarding the topics you’d like to discuss or present at the meetup!

Once again, thank you to Nicholas Tang and Interactive One for hosting us and I’ll see you on our next meetup at Etsy (http://www.etsy.com/) on June 16th.

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