Are you breaking the law? (February 2nd @ NY Social Media Meetup)

2011 is starting slowly so January session for NY Social Media Meetup is rescheduled for February 2nd, but the date is confirmed now!

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Demo is still TBD, please let me know if you’d like to present.


Regulatory compliance in social media is an emerging issue that is evolving daily. For most of the past decade there was virtually no governmental oversight of the space, but with the explosion of Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Foursquare and others, regulators have begun to take notice. In the last 12-18 months state and federal agencies have been updating their policies and ramping up their enforcement efforts. As we enter 2011, topics like privacy, fair balance and disclosure are squarely in the sights of the FTC, FDA and the SEC.

Tom Chernaik, Founder and CEO of CMP.LY, will be joining the New York Social Media Meetup to present an overview on this changing landscape, what it means for businesses in general, and the implications on social media marketers in particular.

About Tom Chernaik

Tom Chernaik is the Founder of CMP.LY. Working with leading brands, agencies and PR firms, Tom has been on the forefront of digital marketing in Web 2.0. With a focus on brands leveraging Word of Mouth and social media, he has developed innovative enterprise solutions for Fortune 500 brands and an emerging standard for compliance with new FTC regulatory requirements. He studied at Cardozo School of Law and was a founding member of the ad sales team at XM Radio, where he spent 5+ years integrating national brand sponsors and advertisers with programming. Prior to XM, Tom spent a decade in the entertainment business with roles at Arista Records and Sonicnet as well as leadership executive roles at independent record label Gotham Records, Track Entertainment and innovative music startup

CMP.LY was started as a simple solution for regulatory compliance with the recent FTC requirements for marketers engaging in social media programs. CMP.LY is built around a short coded framework that enables trackable and identifiable disclosures to be included in Tweets, Facebook status updates and short form applications like Foursquare as well as in blogs and web pages. We have expanded to include measurement (for ROI) and reporting capabilities and we are developing additional solutions for more regulated industries including pharma and financial.

New Work City (@nwc)
412 Broadway
Floor 2
New York, NY 10013

(888) 823-3494

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About the Host

This event is part of NWCU, community powered learning driven entirely by member participation, NWCU is a curated collection of classes, workshops, Meetup groups, and hackathons, all sharing one core common goal: help existing and aspiring independents build, learn, and share with one another, so more people can lead better, happier lives working for themselves.


Offerpop is an innovative New York-based software company launched in June 2010 that enables smart social marketing on Facebook and Twitter. More than 50 brands, retailers and agencies use Offerpop to recruit fans and followers, build brand engagement and grow sales.
Learn more at and follow them on Twitter at @offerpop.

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DBUpgrade: now you can have multiple schemas in the same DB!

DBUpgradeI was struggling with DBUpgrade in projects with multiple independent components. I had to maintain the schema in main project which was quite crazy considering that projects are independent and have different timelines that had to be in sync.

So I changed DBUpgrade to OO model and added namespacing so you can have multiple schema-versioning tables in the same database and update them independently from each other.

To identify subproject and have it’s version to be kept separately, you can supply 3rd parameter when you create DBUpgrade object.

$dbupgrade = new DBUpgrade($db, $versions, 'myproject');

If you omit this parameter (makes sense for main project) then it will revert to previous behavior and use db_version table for this schema’s versioning. This way, it’s backwards compatible and provides easy migration path.

I also renamed a bunch of files so you might want to update your code, but it should be very easy as I provided a boilerplate dbupgrade.php which you can just copy to your folder and move your migrations and DB connection info over.

If you noticed, I also bundled a simple upgrade client which is already included in a boilerplate so it works for full upgrade (will run all migrations to the latest version):

[user@example myproject]$ php dbupgrade.php
Upgrading from v.0 to v.2
Upgraded to v.1
Upgraded to v.2

and single version downgrade (only downgrades to previous version):

[user@example myproject]$ php dbupgrade.php down
Downgrading from v.2 to v.1
Downgraded to v.1

in command line mode.

Full upgrade can also be executed through the web by opening very same dbupgrade.php in the browser:

I also moved the project to Github hosting to encourage more openness and community so you can now fork it easily!

Github also supports Subversion read-only endpoints so if you’re using SVN externals to bundle DBUpgrade with your project, you can simply update your trunk URL to:

Feel free to use it as Git submodule or SVN External within your project and hope you’ll find it much easier to maintain deployment roll-outs now.