NY SemWeb FOAF loud bar meetup

Despite last moment notice from Marco yesterday, I went to NY SemWeb FOAF meetup at Brass Monkey.

It was loud as many of US bars are (I still can’t get used to it), but we had a very good chat about FOAF and it’s uses with Dan Brickley and others. This included various topic from SMW FOAF-ization, use of named graphs for historical data and the ways to recover foaf:topic_interest from “candidate for removal” as it gets more traction with DBPedia / LOD linkage.

I’m very interested in making FOAF more user-friendly to help further boost the adoption, I’ll hope to post here about it.

Google Calendar in-feed control

I’m subscribed to Apple’s movie trailers feed and I watch them from time to time because they are usually released way before the premiere and this allows me to keep track of good movies without being overwhelmed with information. But I was so frustrated with not being able to track which movies I want to watch so I decided to add “Add to Google Calendar” button to in-feed controls so now all feeds I’m subscribed to through Feed Friends will have this button as well as Feed Friends Toolbar.

Here’s the calendar of the movies I’m going to go to (will be updated as I’ll watch more trailers).

P.S. it’s been a while since I added code to Feed Friends.

Semantic Web meetup

I’m going to Semantic Web meet-up tomorrow – it’s going to be a discussion about OWL Ontologies.

P.S. forgot to post about it, but last SemWeb meet-up I attended was at ANSI institute in New York which was like entering the shrine of gods for me ;) – still can’t forget my ANSI art splash screens for Moscow BBSs (I remember one was called Scream Tracker BBS).