Instructable: Party top-hat made of playing cards

Top hat made of playing cardsIt might sound strange but I’m not only doing computer stuff (although it takes most of my life) – today I published my first instructable – Party top-hat made of playing cards.

I’ve been collecting playing cards for a long time and being interested in DIY (being subscribed to MAKE Magazine was probably my biggest acheivement so far), I thought it’ll be a great project because playing cards are also a great material (no, I don’t use collectable cards).

Take a look – I also did it as an experiment trying writing manuals/educational stuff (all of us have weak areas they have to work on).

Minor GvsY updates

Apparently some links got broken because I used pipes (“|” symbol) to separate fields, it also refused to accept lattitude and longtitude if zoom and type were missing (because of a broken link). Both problems are fixed now, it’ll also override links once it loads.

Also, Jeremy Zawodny didn’t like AdSense banners and he’s right – they were not related to content at all making them just some ads which is not cool ;) so I removed them until I’ll need really big money to pay for hosting.

Update: I also moved map type selectors into maps to use native interface. I hope to move zoom selectors there too.

Feed Preprocessor (major release)

After all the development (and not as much testing ;)), I desided to open up preprocessing configuration tool.

This part of the interface allows you to control how feed items get processed for you and there are currently 6 modification modules:

  • Link from description (regex) – useful when feed owner is putting a link to some intermediate page but feed item always containg destination link.
  • Remove part of the descriptio (regex) – useful when blog owner annoys you with some content that is not really useful.
  • Feed Friends toolbar – all links get wrapped into a frame with “share” button on it so you can easily share the item with Feed Friends. Uses my first CPAN module – HTML::LinkChanger (Enabled by default).
  • Header and Footer – simple modules adding arbitrary HTML on top and at the bottom of the items just in case you want to write something over there.
  • In-feed Controls – module, I was writing about some time ago which adds links to popular services that can do something with item link/title like, Digg and Feed Friends of course. (Enabled by default)

There are also a couple of modules that filter out some news items by Title or Description regex in case you don’t want to see all of the news in the feed.

Feel free to change some configurations, e.g. add/remove some In-feed controls – you’ll see the results next time your feeds will get updated, fetched and preprocessed. You can also disable a module by clicking “Disable” next to enabled module as well as revert configuration to global defaults, if you changed it, by clicking “Reset”.
P.S. This is essentialy a core of Feed Preprocessor and I’m open to suggestions for more preprocessing modules which will be much easier to add.

P.P.S. Please keep in mind that Feed Preprocessor only affects feeds that you added to a feed list and reading by you feed reader – it preserves original items intact when you share them.

P.P.P.S. Load and other issues might force me to remove some of the modules in the future. Let’s consider it BETA.

First video



Artist: Chernyshev family productions

Duration: 00:00:05

Created: Sun, 06 Aug 2006

Location: NJ, USA

Category: Cartoon

License: All rights reserved

Director: Alex Chernyshev

Producer: Nickolas Chernyshev

Actor: Robot

Chernyshev family brings you new super-blockbuster, starring magnetic parts from Magnetix kit, “ROBOT”!

Tags: video cartoon