Fixed multiple tags bug in XML::RSS::LibXML

I fixed annoying bug in XML::RSS::LibXML which rendered multiple tags as one tag with value of ARRAY(…).

It was most often seen when multiple categories were assigned to feed item but affected all duplicate tags (I fixed similar problem specifically with enclosures earlier).

Hope that will not break feeds any more.


As many of you noticed, there were several registration-related bugs. I fixed most of them yesterday/today but if you still have troubles registering or logging in, let me know and ‘ll try to fix them ASAP.

I’m really sorry that users were trying to register but failed to complete the process and went away. To remedy the problem at least partially, I created a page to resend an email with confirmation code (which didn’t reach some people and they are stuck in the middle of the process). I also added some links back and forth to make it harder to get lost during registration process, hope that helps.

I also fixed strange bug (a product of trash-OOP conversion process) with feed fetching failure when you just added it – please let me know if it’ll happen again.

New faster servers and BETA mark

I moved Feed Friends (and Feed Preprocessor) to new faster server. It was planned for a while and I was setting server up but today I finally moved it.

I updated DNS and I hope you will not see any glitches but in case you are still directed to old servers, you’ll have Access Denied error page – it means your DNS servers still cache old IPs.

Feeds will be updated on both old and new servers for a while to avoid problems with feed readers freaking out. There might be some unusual bugs though if you share your item or adding new feed already using new server but your feed reader still goes to old one (especially if you’re using some web-based feed reader) – reader will not get updated feed as you might expect.
Also i planned to put magic “beta” mark next to the title for a while and now it’s a good time. Once I moved whole thing to new server I hope to proceed with fixing bugs and adding new features.

Please let me know if you’ll find some problems with new server – best way is by adding comments to this post.

Thank you for your patience!