ShowSlow presentation at NY Web Performance Meetup

I gave extended presentation about ShowSlow at New York Web Performance Meetup yesterday and I hope I was able to inspire people to start tracking their web site’s performance over time and thinking about your metrics that they want to collect for their business.

There were a couple questions about automation so here’s the blog post I wrote about automation a couple months ago: Automating Page Speed and YSlow monitoring.

Also, here’s the simple script that can be used with ShowSlow: By the looks of it you can tell that it’s relatively simple to do.

You might also want to look at about:config preferences for Firefox to see if any of them affect you, e.g. forcing Firebug to open and grade each page, cache storage, automatic updates of extensions and stuff like that. I hope to have it documented better in near future.

Best way to learn more about ShowSlow configuration is to read
documentation on

If you’d like to just try the DEMO instance, go ahead and configure your YSlow to post there or just use export menu in PageSpeed or NetExport.

I’d like to also thank our host Logicworks and Stephanie personally for hospitality – it’s great to be welcome!

At our next session, on April 15th, Nicholas Tang is going to demo – free, web based performance analysis site that uses AOL Pagetest open source tool developed by Patrick Meenan. This will be first in a series of “Tools” sessions where I hope we’ll cover many useful details of them all.

I hope to see you all next month!

P.S. A few slides I had are on SlideShare, the rest was a demo and is not available, unfortunately.

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