DBUpgrade got a site, logo and twitter account

DBUpgrade project got a new site, logo and @dbupgrade twitter account.

DBUpgrade.org is a wiki site so please feel free to help me documenting it, providing your own solutions and describing your use cases.

This is not much, but quite enough for a small open source project to survive.

Go ahead, subscribe to this blog and twitter if you’d like to get updates about the project.

Ability to drop query string from URLs in ShowSlow

Sometimes query strings can differ for a reason un related to performance and you want to have them ignored as all pages that are identical before the ? mark have the same characteristics.

Thanks to rachenj who submitted the bug to Show Slow bug tracker, now we have this feature.

Configuring query string pruning is easy, just set $dropQueryStrings = true if you want to drop all query strings or set it to an array of URL prefixes to match.

You can find full documentation on the wiki:


Go ahead and download latest code from trunk:


Have fun and post your suggestions to the mailing list and bug reports to the issue tracker.

Listen to the lizard brain and walk on the path of the most embarrassment

I was listening to a long awaited interview with Seth Godin that Bob Walsh and Patrick Foley from Startup Success Podcast just released and Seth said something (11:38 in mp3) that resonated with me immediately:

…I use a resistance as a compass. If I’m uncomfortable about doing something, if I hear the voice of the lizard brain, that’s exactly what I choose to do…

This is exactly the “path of the most embarrassment” that I wrote about some time ago. This is the feeling that I found. The one that is so easy to differentiate from the comfortable fuzzy feeling that boring stuff brings.

It feels so good to have a validation by Seth, I think I should listen to this lizard brain more often not to step away from the path of the most embarrassment. Wait… good feelings should be avoided, don’t they…

My talk at Velocity Online Conference on March 17

O’Reilly Velocity OnLine Conference is scheduled for March 17 and Steve Souders was kind enough to invite me to give a talk titled “Keeping Track of Your Performance Using Show Slow“.

Here’s more information about the conference:

The next O’Reilly Velocity Online Conference happens March 17. This FREE two hour, interactive online conference will give participants new insights into measuring load time, performance quality, JavaScript profile, and comparison to competitors – as well as provisioning toolchains and staying nimble in MySQL.

O’Reilly Online Conferences give direct access to our speakers, who can address your most pressing questions. You’ll also be able to interact with hundreds of other engineers, developers, sysadmins, architects and more – all from the comfort of your desk.

Registration is FREE. See the full agenda: http://conferences.oreilly.com/velocityonline