New OpenID look for MediaWiki

OpenID logoI’ve done some integration of OpenID selector into MediaWiki OpenID extension and some fixing/improvements of the latter.

You can see changes on TPr, MWW and SharingButtons.

Next week will take a look into checking it back in. Still need to figure out if I can check in BSD code (selector) into MW tree or need to write something similar (I’m even thinking about creating something like SharingButtons, but for OpenID providers) and release with GPL.

2 thoughts on “New OpenID look for MediaWiki”

  1. Hi Sergey,

    Great work on the OpenID modification. I’d love to get my hands on your modified code that runs on sharingbuttons ASAP. Could you please upload it somewhere public? Many thanks!


  2. There are problems with licensing for the brand logos – I’m trying to discuss it with Wikimedia folks if they are OK with me checking code in and will update the extension page and release next version.

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