Sergey “Che” Chernyshev

Steve Souders wrote a post about people mispronouncing his name.

Obviously, I’m an emigrant which makes it different, but in my case people usually can’t finish pronouncing my last name and stumble somewhere in the middle ;)

I even thought about borrowing a nickname from Ernesto Guevara, so it’s easier to remember like Sergey “Che” Chernyshev, but wasn’t sure if I really wanted to be associated with communism ;)

It’s hard to translate this joke to English, but I felt like posting it anyway – it describes what people feel when they actually try to pronounce my name:
Sergey Chё?

2 thoughts on “Sergey “Che” Chernyshev”

  1. Che, I like it! I see the potential for a t-shirt. :) I wouldn’t know anything about having a hard-to-pronounce name, by the way, but I can at least sympathize.

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