Persisting location attributes in URLs hash

I noticed that new Flash Yahoo! maps interface uses location parameters using URLs hash (text that you can see after # sign).
Apparently it’s quite known way of storing page state when developing AJAX applications and I see several reasons to use it in application like GvsY:

  • It can be updated without reloading the page and therefore can be made always up to date
  • It removes a need for separate permalink because you can bookmark the page at any moment and always get working link (you can click “” link at any moment to store specific location)
  • It helps keep the page in the browsers cache without re-requesting it separately for each location
  • Geographical location fits anchor paradigm pretty well since anchor is a “location within a document” and since this document is AJAX page representing the world map, this location can be geographical too

I liked the idea and that’s why I replaced passing parameters through query string with passing them using hash (or anchor if it sounds better). Enjoy!

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