JSON Remote Loader

I’ve been looking at JavaScript recently, especially after watching those courses by Douglas Crockford.

I was doing some bookmark and widget coding I realized that there is no tool to load JSON data from remote hosts. While plenty of libraries provide you with various tools to organize your XMLHttpRequests and other hacks to load data asynchronously from your site, none of them allow you to overcome same-host security limitations and load data from other sites without using some sort of server side proxy.

So to streamline the rest of the development I wrote a library that can be used to load JSON-formatted data from remote hosts without spending your own traffic.

See project page here: JSON Remote Loader

P.S. as part of this project, I got some experience using JSLint, Firebug, Google code project hosting and even wrote Makefile to automate minification and colorizing as well as zipping of the code.

2 thoughts on “JSON Remote Loader”

  1. After researching the elusive remote includes, or cross domain includes, I came across your remoteloader and installed the samples. It was so much fun to see it work that it made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Well, I guess I amuse easily. ;) How can I use this to make onload includes? I do a bit of Classic ASP coding but javascript and json and ajax are new to me.

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