OpenID and memcached

Did some maintenance on my projects – added OpenID support to wikis:

Also working on embedding OpenID selector – check Sharing Buttons OpenID login page (still needs some work, but quite promising).

Also changed all wikis and blogs to use memcached instead of APC for cache storage – it seems to be much more efficient.

New name

While walking to work early today I came up with the name for my blog – “Binary Orders of Magnitude”. I think it’s a good name for personal blog and sounds very big and global as all blog names should sound as all of us live to accomplish something big. Plus it has some geekish humor to it ;)

Hope you enjoy it – let me know what you think.

History Hacker on History Channel

Bre Pettis is launching a History Hacker series on History Channel. Judging by his “Weekend Projects” podcast that he did for Make Magazine, it’s going to be good.

First pilot is going to air on September 26th at 8 and midnight. Watch it – it’ll help to have a series.

Here’s the trailer:

More links:

Too bad I can’t watch it – hope someday it all is going to be on-demand only.