Performance headers generator

headergen.php is a script to generate assets with a combination of headers and other characteristics.

It uses path info for configuration.

Last portion and query string are completely ignored so do whatever you need with them to please tools and browsers.

A few examples

Pages with 200, 304 and infinite expires

Compare 3 version of the same page:

Currently most of the sites are configured similarly to lastmod.html

Timings for repeat view using

Document Complete Fully Loaded
Load Time First Byte Start Render Time Requests Bytes In Bandwidth Time Requests Bytes In
First View 11.827s 0.444s 4.802s 11.827s 15 62 KB 44.27 Kbps 11.827s 15 62 KB
Repeat View (200) 11.820s 0.424s 4.745s 11.820s 15 62 KB N//A 11.820s 15 62 KB
Repeat View (lastmod) 1.867s 0.438s 0.743s 1.867s 15 2 KB N//A 1.867s 15 2 KB
Repeat View (expires) 0.519s 0.424s 0.470s 0.519s 1 1 KB N//A 0.519s 1 1 KB

Waterfall diagrams for repeat view (scaled to match the time)